Tearfund Sunday

Host A Tearfund Sunday to Help Change Lives and Bring Whole Communities out of Poverty

Be part of a transforming global community that creates hope and brighter futures for our brother and sisters living in some of the world’s most challenging places.

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Your church is an amazing group of people who hears the cries for justice and needs to part of the movement for change.

Tearfund Sunday is an fun, engaging and easy way your church can spread the word of God and become His hands and feet here on Earth. When you sign-up for any particularly Sunday, your congregation will be encouraged and inspired by what God is doing through His church all over the world!

What an Average Tearfund Sunday Involves:

  1. Guest Speaker: Although your church can decide to do it yourselves, we recommend you take advantage of one of our inspiring speakers. Our speakers are seasoned pastors and staff who are knowledgeable about biblical theology and can bring sermon illustrations to life through first-hand experience on the field.
  2. Service Materials: We provide all the materials you need to host Tearfund Sunday: bulletin inserts, posters, sermon notes, and more.
  3. Study Aids: Dig deeper with our Biblical Study aids. When you register with Tearfund Sunday, you will also get access to discussion questions and activities for kids, families and small groups.


Choose a Sunday in the fall (or any Sunday throughout the year)….
Many churches prefer to have their World Relief Sunday in the fall (typically in October or November). However, you are free to choose a time that makes most sense for your schedule. There is no date published on your materials.

Commit today
Fill out the form below to let us know when you will be hosting your Tearfund Sunday. Online materials will be available immediately for download August 15, 2019, and you will be able to select additional materials to be  mailed along with with your Tearfund Sunday bulletin inserts.

Do I need to take an offering?
Yes. We recommend this so your congregation can donate quickly and with ease on Tearfund Sunday. You may also encourage your members to give using the tear away postage paid envelopes inside the bulletin inserts we provide, or text the word “Give” to 647-955-2255.

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