Voices of Transformation 1

Voices of Transformation

People living in the DR Congo’s North Kivu region struggle every day to provide for themselves and their families. Ebola, rebels and poor soil are realities that many of them face every day.

But your support of the local churches in this area and agriculture training is transforming lives. Alongside our local church partner, La Communauté Baptiste au Centre de l’Afrique (the Central African Baptist Community) we have helped many people in this region grow more food so that they will have the nutrition they need and be more secure.

Below they explain how their lives have transformed in their own words:

Kasereka Kasonia

“I am Kasonia. I am a 66-year-old farmer and I too have a story of hope and triumph. I was about to abandon my field. My crops were not yielding produce as I had hoped and I was struggling. Then the Central African Baptist Community came to my area and showed me techniques that would help to improve soil fertility.

Now I am producing bananas, cassava, maize, potatoes, beans and other vegetables. Better soil means better crops which equals a better life for me and my family. Through this I have been able to begin another dream of mine and just enrolled at a local university! You are never too old to learn! And never too old to hope! I am grateful to the CBCA and their sponsors for reminding me to keep the dream alive and showing me how to make it happen.”

Maghese Kavuke

“I am Maghese Kavuke and I’m a farmer. When the Central African Baptist Community came to our village we were reluctant to get involved. We had been farming the land for years and knew that the soil was exhausted, not fertile and not yielding crops like before. We were not convinced that their methods could help. We were feeling hopeless. However, we were persuaded to get involved and see if it could make a difference. We had nothing to lose.

I am thrilled to report that my banana field has been rehabilitated and is yielding produce again! We also began to produce other crops such as cassava, cauliflower, leak and amaranth. Because of this increase in production, I have been able to finally save enough money to buy my first sheep. I am truly grateful to the CBCA team who didn’t give up on us! Our lives have been transformed and filled with hope for the future!”


“I am Masereka. Being part of a Village Saving and Loans group has changed my life! Not only has the increased crop production improved my family’s livelihood but I have been able to diversify. Through improved agriculture techniques and enhanced seeds I now grow a successful cash crop of radishes and raise livestock. The VSL groups are enabling us to save money from our crops and use some of our earnings to invest back into our business. There is so much more I am eager to learn and improve on. I am hopeful for my future and where I can take my business now!”