Ukume - A Woman with an Abundance of Hope 1

Ukume – A Woman with an Abundance of Hope

Before the local church stepped in, Ukume Boltana’s life looked bleak. After her husband died, his family cast her out with no inheritance, so she didn’t have a mere penny to her name. With unpredictable work, she struggled to feed and provide for her son for nearly two decades. Even paying the 50 birr ($2.30) rent for a one room house was difficult.

The only asset she owned was a 6 x 20 metre plot of land she had bought many years ago. She had never thought to construct a house on it. It seemed utterly impossible.

But through a donor-supported Tearfund CCT initiative called the Nehemiah project, a local church was awakened and visited this poor women living in the community. In response to the Biblical mandate to care for widows and orphans (James 1:27), they saw Ukume’s living condition and supported her with grain, edible oil, and cash. Moreover, they promised to help build her a house on the land she owned.

“While I’m not a member of their church, they came to help my problem,” said Ukume. “I am now able to continue supporting my son and there is a possibility he might join a university preparatory class in the next year. I now have good relationships with many of the people at the church. I am not now a broke person, rather I am a woman with an abundance of hope. Thanks to God and what He is doing through Tearfund and the Abela Faracho Kale Hewet Church.”

Our God is a God of restoration and He is truly using your donations to restore lives. Thank you for your incredible support of this project. 100% of CCT work is supported by individuals like you.

Photos of Ukume’s home being built:

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