The Eyes of Our Hearts 1

The Eyes of Our Hearts

We love the community and vision our Ethiopian Self-Help Groups (SHGs) encompass. In fact, one of our SHGs is named Ife, meaning Vision, by one man who named and established the group.

The Eyes of Our Hearts 2

After leading the SHG for five years, the man who established the group lost his sight. Disheartened, he decided to leave the group, feeling that he had nothing to offer anymore after losing his vision. But to his surprise, the other members refused his decision. They stuck by his side as friends and support, reminding him of all he had done for the Vision Self-Help Group.

Moreover, the group membered constructed him the house he planned to build before he became blind – fulfilling this man’s long-time vision. They even committed themselves to financially support him as he continues to seek medical attention to treat his eye.

Not only are both the physical and material vision of this man being met through the SHG, but the vision of the group itself has grown to encompass more than just economic empowerment. The group is continuing to extend the love of Christ to its members in need, as God is opening the eyes of their hearts to love and serve their community.