The Church in DR Congo leads in the fight against Ebola 1

The Church in DR Congo leads in the fight against Ebola

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When Ebola broke out in DR Congo’s Beni county at the beginning of August we knew we had to ask you to help prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Tearfund has been working in Beni county with our local church partners Communaute Baptiste au Centre de L’Afrique (Baptist Community of Central Africa), the CBCA for the last three years. The area has already been ravaged by ongoing conflict and failed crops and this was just one more blow to our partners on the ground. Instead of becoming discouraged or fearful CBCA staff sprung to action and has led the efforts of church organizations to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Church in DR Congo leads in the fight against Ebola 2

Church leaders demonstrate hand washing and disease prevention techniques in Beni county , DR Congo

Two weeks into the outbreak, CBCA gathered more than 143 church leaders to a day long training workshop for volunteers on hand washing, chlorination of water and other simple but effective ways to prevent the spread of ebola. CBCA’s demonstrated capacity and resources meant that the workshop was highly recommended and involved officials from the health ministry, the Mayor of Beni, and representatives for WHO and UNICEF. Tearfund Canada’s vice chair,  Kevin Schular has travelled to Beni county several times and has seen the quality of CBCA’s staff and organization first hand.

“Our Baptist partners in Eastern DR Congo are in the perfect place to lead the prevention efforts in the region. They are already placed in every community in the area, including trained medical staff. This is a great example of the Church in action. As Canadians we need to support them and pray.” -Kevin Schular, Board Chair, Tearfund Canada.

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CBCA has received support from UNCEF in it’s frontline fight against ebola, and staff from the CBCA Tamende Hospital are part of the the prevention committee as a field partner in the Visiki health area. The committee shares data on the evolution of  the Ebola outbreak, what prevention activities are being carried out, where there are gaps and share the  coordination of the humanitarian plan of action for the next day.

Please join our brothers and sisters in DR Congo as the work against the spread of Ebola. We have committed to provide the CBCA with  

  1. Hygiene materials to equip 171 schools, 134 churches, and other public places
  2. Medicines and materials (gloves, masks) to equip 35 clinics and hospitals, so that they can react quickly to the emergency and care for as many people as possible
  3. Flyers and megaphones for over 1000 health advocates being trained to raise awareness on prevention and precaution to stop the spread of Ebola

We have raised over $7000 so far towards the cost of these supplies but need a total of $25,000 to cover the full cost today. Please give today.