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Tearfund Sunday


Tearfund Sunday is a Sunday morning service dedicated to  helping those living in extreme poverty and transforming lives in  the hardest places on Earth.

Understanding poverty

How can the church respond to a broken a world?

The world seems more broken now than ever. Global pandemics, violence in the streets, and extreme hunger dominate the headlines. As churches, we know we have been called to proclaim God’s love and to bring his restoration to the world. But where to start when the challenges seem so big?

Your church can have a massive impact in restoring lives in the name of Jesus

Your church might not have a big budget, you might not even be able to gather, but through Tearfund Sunday your church can proclaim Christ’s Kingdom in a powerful way. Tearfund Sunday is a Sunday morning service dedicated to helping those living in extreme poverty and transforming lives in the hardest places on Earth.

Tearfund Sundays


Every Tearfund Sunday and sermon is rooted in scripture and Biblical truth.



Tearfund Sunday helps families out of extreme poverty and creates eternal impact.



Tearfund Sunday comes will all the materials you need to run a Sunday service.


This Year’s Sermon: Jubilee

The sermon this year for Tearfund Sunday is on Jubilee. The year of Jubilee was radical and counter-cultural; a call to obedience and to trust in God’s goodness. It sought to bring about God’s justice on earth and demonstrate to God’s people a foretaste of salvation.

Although the act of a Jubilee year has faded, the intentions have not. Your congregants will learn how Biblical jubilee applies to our lives as Christians today as we seek to shine God’s light and bring justice, redemption, and restoration to the world around during this unprecedented time. This might be a good time to rediscover Jubilee!


Birungi’s Story:
Released to Dream

Birungi now holds her head high, but this wasn’t always the case. As the oldest in her family, after her parents died suddenly she had to take care of her younger brother. But thanks to the local church, she was not only provided the ability to survive but to thrive.

But 87% of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo still live in poverty.

Your church can help change that.

All Gifts
Multiplied 2X

This year, all gifts received on Tearfund  Sunday will be leveraged 1:1 to help people like Birungi escape poverty in the Congo.

Register your church

It couldn’t be easier to sign-up and host a Tearfund Sunday. You can either host Tearfund Sunday completely digital or as a physical engagement.  The choice is up to you.

Digital Engagement

We send you the resources to facilitate a Tearfund Sunday Digitally. If desired a Tearfund Speaker can ZOOM in, or we can send a prerecorded sermon for you to use. Of course, you are also free to use the sermon notes to make your own sermon!

In Person

We send you the hard copy resources to facilitate a Tearfund Sunday in person. If desired a Tearfund Sunday speaker can come to your service.

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The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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