The Noble Job

A Story About God’s faithfulness

Fleeing from Syria, Fatima and her husband uprooted the lives of them and their three children to find refuge in a tent of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

 The years passed and despite all the hardships they faced, their family grew.

Giving birth to four children in Lebanon, Fatima was blessed by the clinic where she delivered happy and healthy babies. Even more so, she was blessed by Hanadi, one of Medair’s community midwives who is an expectant mother herself.

Despite her pregnancy, she continues visiting the women she has been helping, right up to the time for her maternity leave. Fatima is so happy with the support of Hanadi. They talk to each other about pregnancy, and the importance of visiting the doctor within two weeks after delivery. 

Hanadi has been a tremendous help to both Fatima and to the health of her babies – both medically and spiritually! Not only had Hadimi provided her training on recovery following a caesarean delivery, a hygiene kit, and tips for breastfeeding, along with family planning advice. But she has become a friend and mentor; she tells Fatima, “At the end of the day, you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your young kids. They need you and you need them to continue your lives. Be faithful that things will get better. God always has plans for us. Be strong!”


Though pregnant herself, Hanadi won’t stop until she has delivered her own child! Helping women like Fatima who have fled hardships in Syria, Hanadi says, “I’ve seen women struggling and suffering, yet I’ve helped them overcome their pain. I’ve heard the heartbeats of hundreds of children inside their mummy’s bellies, and then saw them born as healthy babies. And this feeling is irreplaceable.”

She feels blessed by the opportunity to love and care for mothers and their new babies through Medair, and is amazed at God’s provision over the mothers she’s cared for, and over her in her pregnancy.

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