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Will you help us start a church?

The power of God’s unconditional love.

He whispered to me, "Will you help us start a church here?"

In the middle of 2019, Wayne Johnson, our CEO, travelled to Liberia to meet some of our local partners and to see the new church-based community project. He describes his experience… 

We travelled down a paved road for a number of hours, then a dirt road for a few more. At the end of the dirt road and down the narrow path was a small village. In this village there are only 42 families. All Muslims. 

There, I saw how difficult life in the village is. The Ebola outbreak which ravaged their community only a few short years ago – killing 11 people – burns in their memories. I met a nine-year-old boy, Alusine, whose parents were two of those who died. After they died he became the 6th child in his Aunt’s house. But now… she died last week. What does the future hold? 

But there is hope. For the first time in recent memory, someone has taken an interest in this village. They are not providing handouts, instead they are training families on how to grow more vegetables for food and to sell in the market; in contrast to the “slash and burn” method of palm oil harvesting. 

I was encouraged because I could literally see hope being restored. with the first harvests there was great joy. Everything they took to market was sold. Plans were being made to care for their community’s orphans. Orphans like Alusine. 

Then they asked “Why?” Why are you doing this? This small muslim community heard a humble answer from our partners: “We follow Jesus.” 

Then a few hours later the community leader asked quietly, “Will you help us start a church here?”

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty