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Kanini's Story

The Woman Who Multiplied Her Income 20X!

Meet Kanini

Kanini lives in a small rural village in Kenya with her three children. Only a few years ago, Kanini worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in an attempt to provide for her family. She performed chores for other families, washed clothes, and even tilled fields in the hot Kenyan sun.

But at the end of the week she only was able to earn approximately 2 dollars – barely enough to even feed her three children… let alone send them to school.

Little did Kanini know that her life, and the life of her children, would change forever.

The Talk around Town

One morning, one of Kanini’s neighbours mentioned something she joined at her local church called a Village Savings Group. She explained how the group came together weekly to save bits of money and how it provided her with a way to buy new seeds for her small farm.

Kanini was intrigued.

It didn’t take long until Kanini joined her own group and began to contribute as much as she could each week. Before and after each meeting the group would pray, giving thanks and recognizing that all they had came from God our Father.

After a short time, Kanini was able to take out a small loan from the group to set-up a small shop selling fruits, vegetables, and charcoal. As Kanini dedicated her time to learning how to save, her level of income slowly grew. She was eventually able to devote herself to the business full-time. It transformed her life.

Kanini was able to multiply her income an astounding 20 times! Earning over $40 a week compared to $2 before. Her children no longer have to be hungry and she is even able to send them to school full-time.

Changing Lives through Village Savings Groups

Village Savings Groups are quietly revolutionizing the lives of the extreme poor through rural Africa and are a powerful tool to helping the poor escape poverty long term. Instead of handouts, these groups unleash people’s own God-given skills and resources, so that they can escape poverty for good.

With its local church partners, Tearfund runs these groups as a part of a holistic approach to help families escape extreme poverty. Run at local churches, and combined with prayer and biblical study, village savings groups are transforming the lives of the poor not just physically – but spiritually.

Millions of women like Kanini continue to struggle every day to feed their families and provide their children with a better future. Through Tearfund’s Big Quiz you have the opportunity to help families throughout Kenya experience the same incredible transformation Kanini did.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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