How much Trash can you Slash? Learn about God’s heart for His creation and the world’s poor as you compete against youth groups across Canada for an awesome prize!



Did you know that Canadians create 31 MILLION tones of trash a year? That’s about 992 billion coffee cups! This trash ends up in landfills, oceans, and in the backyards of the world’s most poor.

Do we believe that this is really God’s heart for Creation? Are we living up to his command to be good stewards and to love our neighbours?

Tearfund’s SLASHtheTRASH Bible Study sets out to explore these questions. Packed with scripture, videos, and exercises, your youth group will learn more about how God views His creation and how He’s called us – His Church – to be involved.

Slash the Trash 1

Slash the Trash 2


Take the Challenge!

Tearfund’s SLASHtheTRASH Challenge is a fun, engaging way your group can learn more about God’s heart for creation and put it into practice. Challenge your youth to go zero-waste for an entire week and see who can come out on top as your trash-free Champion! Moreover, your group will be competing against other groups across the country for awesome prizes.


Take it one step further! Challenge your group to obtain pledges and raise funds as part of the challenge. Every dollar your group raises will be matched 1:1 by Tearfund Canada and will go help plant trees in Ethiopia.

A perfect idea for this year’s Giving Tuesday (Dec 3rd)!

How it Works

  • Sign-Up

    Sign-up to receive our FREE PDF downloadable Bible study on creation care, complete with #SlashtheTrash Challenge instructions and materials.

  • Learn

    Go through our 3-week Bible study on creation care and waste with your youth group and engage in meaningful discussion about how we can change our lifestyle habits that impact our environment and those living in poverty.

  • Challenge

    Challenge your youths to go waste-free for one week. Ask them to collect each piece of trash they create to be brought back to church the next week.

  • Count Your Trash

    Come back together as a youth group a week after your #SlashtheTrash challenge. Go around and count each person’s trash, and share your difficulties throughout the week, and ways you could change your lifestyle to further reduce your waste in the future.

  • Share!

    After you’ve reflected and counted your trash, take a creative group photo with all your trash, and how much you produced. Post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #slashthetrash for a chance to win our prizes!

  • WIN!

    Win prizes for your youth group and celebrate with your friends!

Contest Rules, Details, and Prizes


  • Submission Deadline: December 15th.
  • Prize winners will be selected on social media by January 7th


  • Groups must include a minimum of three people.
  • Must enter your church and your group using the entry form before participating in the challenge.
  • All entrants must post their photos showing the amount of trash collected on Instagram or Facebook with the hastag #slashthetrash to be eligible to win. Number of items must be mentioned in the description.
  • No cheating! Honour system is in place, please be truthful about how much garbage you collect. 


  • Certificate of recognition signed by our Executive Director
  • Feature of your win across Tearfund’s communication channels
  • A $200 gift card to the restaurant of your choice


Groups can apply for any or all of the categories below. Each category will receive the prize mentioned above.

  1. Least Trash Produced by a group: The group who produces the least amount of trash (measured by number of items). This will be determined by dividing the total number of items, by the number of participants.
  1. Most Money Raised: The group who raises the most funds (total).
  1. Most liked and shared post on Facebook/Instagram: The group whose photo entry (on Facebook or Instagram) acquires the most likes and shares (cumulative) will win.


Fill in the form below to receive your SLASHtheTRASH packet and bible study and to challenge your youth to SLASHtheTRASH!