Join our SLASHtheTRASH challenge– a fun, engaging way your group can learn about God’s heart for creation and the world’s poor.

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Can you go waste-free for one week?

Did you know that Canadians create 31 million tonnes of trash yearly? That’s about 992 BILLION coffee cups! This trash ends up in landfills, oceans, and in the backyards of the world’s most poor. The choices we make in our day-to-day can most dangerously harm those living in poverty, even halfway across the world.

This is not God’s heart for creation. He is working to restore His Kingdom, and we’re called to join in.

Tearfund’s #SLASHtheTRASH Challenge is a fun, engaging way your group can learn about God’s heart for creation while competing to win unique prizes. With a three week bible study, your group will learn from scripture, hear incredible stories, and will discuss God’s view of creation and how we fit into his plan.  Then, challenge your youths to to go zero-waste for an entire week, and see who can come out on top as your trash-free Champion!

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How it Works

  • Sign-Up

    Sign-up to receive our FREE PDF downloadable Bible study on creation care, complete with #SlashtheTrash Challenge instructions and materials

  • Learn

    Go through our 2-week Bible study on creation care and waste with your youth group and engage in meaningful discussion about how we can change our lifestyle habits that impact our environment and those living in poverty

  • Challenge

    Challenge your youths to go waste-free for one week. Ask them to collect each piece of trash they create to be brought back to church the next week.

  • Count Your Trash

    Come back together as a youth group a week after your #SlashtheTrash challenge. Go around and count each person’s trash, and share your difficulties throughout the week, and ways you could change your lifestyle to further reduce your waste in the future

  • Share!

    After you’ve reflected and counted your trash, take a creative group photo with all your trash, and one photo of your trash-free champion. Post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #slashthetrashTF for a chance to win our prizes*

  • WIN!

    Win prizes for your youth group and Trash-Free Champion and celebrate with your friends!

Contest Rules, Guidelines, and Prizes

Key Dates