Sign up for World Relief Sunday now. 1

Sign up for World Relief Sunday now.

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“She opens her arms to the poor, and extends her hands to the needy.”
– Proverbs 31:20

With summer quickly coming to close and fall fast approaching, it’s not too late to for your church to sign up to host a World Relief Sunday! 135 churches have signed up so far, and we are only 15 churches away from our goal of 150 churches! God is already at work in the hearts of congregations across Canada and the world. We are inviting you join this movement today!

Transformation starts in the local church and the harvest season is a time for giving thanks:

“Conservation Agriculture has totally changed our life. We have a deep gratitude to God. We now plan and strategize together on how we build our farm and provide for our family and church”. Markos Chinaso, Ethiopian farmer

World Relief Sunday is flexible to fit your needs.  All you need to do is choose a Sunday that is  best for your church, and set a date on your calendar today! Register here through our online form.

Thank you for walking with us where the need is greatest. Please do not hesitate to contact our Church Relations Director, Don Miller, directly if you have any questions.