The Rohingya

Driven from their homes, over one million Rohingya have been forced to live in the largest refugee camp in the world.

Their Voices

Asima’s Escape

My name is Asima. In Myanmar I was going to school and studying. Then it all changed. When the military came they killed many people and burned down our houses. They raped, then murdered my sister – who was 20 years old. They also killed my father and brother.

My mom and I ran for the forest. It was a treacherous journey here. We needed to avoid the main road to avoid the military. Often we would walk for a long time without any food.

I used to work with my Dad in the field, cook with my sister and eat rice together as a family. My sister and I used to serve the food to our family. We would have fun with food and pretend fight with each other. She was tall. All the time I am missing my Father, brother and sister.

Rohingya Crisis 1

A Loving Father

“My daughter Sharin* was 3 months old when the military fired rocket launchers into our village. Our house was set on fire. Her mother and I ran together to the forest. We walked 16 days to get to this refugee camp in Bangladesh. We were so hungry and lost everything.

In Myanmar we’d been persecuted for many years. They make it difficult for people to get an education, or even travel outside your village. But from the time my daughter was born I’ve been dreaming about her becoming a doctor. I want to give her a better education than I ever had.”

Rohingya Crisis 2

Looking to the Future

No one will believe what happened to us. I used to have my own house and my husband worked on the farm. But the military burned my house down. They murdered my brother’s children and burned other houses with people inside. They even threw babies into the fire. I had to flee from these atrocities. But I still can’t sleep at night. Life here in the camp is much better, we are able to eat and are doing well. But I am looking forward to the future when we will finally be safe and able to live peacefully.”

Rohingya Crisis 3

Life in the Camp

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