Restored Dreams 1

Restored Dreams

As the main breadwinner for a family of four children, Dominic Mutisya has become all too familiar with the pressure to provide. He and his family previously lived a good life in Kawongo village, Kitui county, Kenya; but after losing a job that allowed him to supply his family with all their needs, he returned to his rural village discouraged.

Despite his bravery in putting the small savings he had towards starting a butchery and poultry business, his dedication and hard work was initially rewarded with despair. His business collapsed and he had no choice but to shut it down. It was then that Dominic joined the nearby VSL savings group.

Facilitated by Fadhili Trust, Village Savings and Loan groups are run with local churches to lead people and communities to escape poverty.

Thanks to the VSL savings group, Dominic’s life is now flourishing. Within the group, he and other members developed better financial discipline and good record keeping. Eventually, he was able to take a significant loan from his savings and was inspired to re-attempt entrepreneurship. With re-kindled dreams, he started a successful small restaurant hotel business which took off. Not only were his dreams fulfilled, but his hope was revived and his family’s lives were transformed. He couldn’t have imagined the powerful impact that the savings group made on him and his family.

Restored Dreams 2
“Joining this model of savings group is an eye opener and an opportunity for restoring one’s dignity and ability to provide for the family.” Expressed Dominic as he was cooking lunch.

He now has the attainable vision of opening a bookshop in the local secondary and primary schools and has become a major believer and advocate of the savings group’s work. Using his newfound knowledge and skills, he is taking steps to better the lives of others in his community.

Through this project, God is providing Dominic and many other individuals like him with necessary resources and the skills to manage all they have been given.