The Local Church responding to Crisis

There are few things as powerful as a church in action, grieving with those impacted and meeting the immediate needs of its surrounding community.

Where ever there is tragedy and hardship, you will find a church and its people working to comfort the afflicted, provide for crucial needs, and help rebuild for a better and more secure future.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Church is once again facing a new challenge. This booklet is designed to specifically help churches respond to a disaster or crisis in their community. The principles are universal and uses best-practice information and resources for psychosocial well-being, combined with a theological framework that reminds us that the source of our love, wisdom, and compassion comes from a living, compassionate and faithful God.

Psychosocial Support During crisis: Resource Kit for Churches 1

Guide Content – What’s Included

Shalom: A framework for understanding wellbeing and facilitating healing

Psychosocial support is concerned with wellbeing. Following a disaster or crisis, it is helpful to view your work as assisting and empowering people toward these “right” relationships. As a church, and as Jesus followers, you are likely to bring redemption in all four domains within your community.

Psychosocial Support During crisis: Resource Kit for Churches 2
Psychosocial Support During crisis: Resource Kit for Churches 3

Psychosocial support intervention pyramid

As a church, the most appropriate level for you to assist in are level 1 (basic services and security) and level 2 (community and family support). An exemption to this will b church members who are trained counsellors / psychologists and can work in the top two levels.

Phases in Community Adaption and Cohesion Post-Disaster

While we don’t yet fully understand the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we know that after a disaster or crisis there is a pattern of cohesion and adaptation seen in the affected community; with different types of support needed in each phase. 

Psychosocial Support During crisis: Resource Kit for Churches 4

How Can we Help Your Church?

The local church is at the centre of what we do. Email us below to learn more about our ministry and how we might be able to help your church minister during this time.

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