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Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone


After a decade-long civil war and the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the majority of Sierra Leone’s population live below the poverty line – surviving on less than two dollars per day.

While the country tries to recover, the agricultural sector has experienced a huge decline. Half of the population does not have reliable access to food, and those most severely affected include orphans, Ebola survivors, widows, the elderly, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

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0 yrs
of civil war
0 %
of the population is estimated to live below the poverty line
people died from Ebola during the outbreak

Our Projects

Working with The Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone, Tearfund is providing seeds, tools, and training to farmers in an effort to help them increase their crop output. Vulnerable families are able to fight food insecurity and increase their income to look forward to healthier and more secure futures.
Project 1

Food security in Port Loko


Low agricultural productivity and lack of crop diversification has led to widespread chronic hunger.


Farmers lack reliable access to agricultural inputs such as seed and fertilizer. Limited infrastructure (such as roads) inhibits any efforts to bring crops to market. Past tragedies such as civil war and Ebola still loom in the minds of communities.


Tearfund is working with the local church to train over 300 households in eight different communities in conservation agriculture so they can apply simple, cost-effective agricultural techniques. Farmers also receive small amounts of seed and tools to help them set up their farms. This project encourages crop diversification and nutritional education, helping families eat more well-rounded diets and prevent malnutrition.


  • Location: Eight communities in Port Loko District
  • Timeframe: 2018-2022
  • Funding needed: $660,000


Through this project, over 300 households will gain access to reliable, nutritious food, breaking the cycle of hunger in their communities. Local churches will be encouraged and better equipped to reach out into their communities and share God’s love to their neighbours.

Project 2

Hope for Port Loko


The combined impacts of civil war and Ebola in Sierra Leone have destroyed rural farming communities. Reduced incomes, lack of food, and poor nutrition have led to extreme poverty.


The tragedies of civil war and Ebola continue to impact communities. Farmers lack reliable access to seed and fertilizer in order to produce crops and make a living. Limited access to roads prevents farmers from being able to sell their crops in markets, and this pushes families further into poverty.


Tearfund is working with the local church to train communities in conservation agriculture so they can apply simple, cost-effective agricultural techniques. Because production continues to increase and the farmers of Port Loko continue to work toward self-sufficiency, economic opportunity, and agricultural sustainability, the demand for cassava processing has grown.


  • Location: Port Loko District
  • Timeframe: May 2021 – May 2022
  • Budget: $25,000


10 additional cassava processing machines will be provided to the 10 farming co-ops in Port Loko. Processing and market training will also be provided to help each group mechanize and modernize their farming practices.

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