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Church Based Community Transformation

Church Training & Empowerment​

The local church is God’s preferred approach to continuing His mission on Earth and the best way to transform lives, restore relationships and lift people out of poverty.

Ethiopia Tearfund

Through church training and empowerment, we help to equip and mobilize congregations throughout Africa and Asia to help them release people from poverty.

We provide custom-tailored training, seminars and workshops designed to help churches see the vision of holistic ministry within their communities and identify the resources they already have which can make a difference. 

This is done through custom-tailored training, seminars and practical workshops which help churches identify the assets they already have and how they can practically demonstrate the love of Christ by assisting their community’s needs


Pastors Will be Trained
Farmers Will Receive Agriculture Training
Farmers Will Receive Agriculture Training
Our Process

The Church-Based
Community Transformation

  • Step 1 Awakening the Church
  • Step 2 Church & Community
  • Step 3 Information Gathering
  • Step 4 Analysis
  • Step 5Decision

Awakening the Church

The church understands its biblical mandate for holistic ministry and begins to apply it, and thus truly becomes ‘salt and light’ in the community.

Church & Community

People ‘read’ into their reality and desire to transform it themselves, using the resources available.

Information Gathering

The church and community have accurate information that truly describes their situation, and when analysed, will enable them to make informed decisions.


The church and community deeply understand their situation and are motivated to transform it positively and holistically.


The church and community make informed decisions that, if implemented, will cause their situation to be transformed in a holistic and God-honouring manner.

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


Tearfund Canada

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t: 1-800-567-8190
e: connect@tearfund.ca

Charity Number: 108222191 RR 0001