Preaching the Gospel Through Savings Groups 1

Preaching the Gospel Through Savings Groups

While Jonisiah’s life has been transformed by the love of God, she has also experienced the benefits of Village Savings and Loans Groups that have lifted her out of poverty. As a result, she is preaching the Good News of Christ, as well as the benefits of Village Savings and Loans groups in her church in Tanzania!

Preaching the Gospel Through Savings Groups 2

Both Jonisiah and her husband Meshack serve as pastors in two churches in their village.  Relying on a small income and supporting themselves by fishing in the nearby river and selling vegetables in the local market, they dreamed to better support their family. As parents of  two older sons, one in college, and a daughter in grade 4, Jonisiah and her husband wished to provide for their children’s education. However, earning a humble income from the church, and coming from a village lacking ethical financial services for the poor, her family’s financial situation felt tight.

When assigned to their current church in a new village, Jonisiah heard about a savings group set up by the local church with support from Tearfund Canada. Getting settled into her new community, she decided to join the group and began investing her income. Taking out a total of four loans, she was able to finance her son’s college! She has found that combined with her husband’s income, they are making enough to live with less uncertainty. 

Jonisiah has found that her VSL group has helped her get to know her neighbours better, and even those in her church. She is even encouraging her church to become involved in VSL groups. She is thankful to Tearfund for receiving the tools to save and invest for a better future, and hopes more people in her church will join the VSL group that changed her life.