Poverty Matters



And for many of us as Christians, it’s one we instinctively feel we should respond to – but responding in a way that works well is a challenge. How do we make sure our desire to help doesn’t actually hurt those we seek to serve?

This and other key questions are explored in this series of short films, which have been produced to help churches think through their work with those living in material poverty. The films are based on a series of resources called When Helping Hurts – we highly recommend them.

For churches wanting to review their Mission giving we have access to a resource to accompany the films that you can download. Simply email connect@tearfund.ca and we’ll send it to you.

Official Trailer

Poverty Matters 1

Part 1: Reconsidering the Meaning Of Poverty

Poverty Matters 2

Part 2: Seeing God at Work

Poverty Matters 3

Part 3: Understanding Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Poverty Matters 4

Part 4: Joining God’s Work

Poverty Matters 5

Part 5: Fostering Change

Poverty Matters 6

Part 6: Moving Forward