What is Mission? - Participating in God's Mission 1

What is Mission? – Participating in God’s Mission

As we live as Jesus’ disciples, God will be able to
work through us to bring transformation.

The following three things will help us to be active participants in God’s mission.

What is Mission? - Participating in God's Mission 2
  1. GROWING IN DISCIPLESHIP (See John 14:5–14)Jesus called a group of disciples to live with him and learn from him as he carried out his ministry. He wanted them to be like him in their character and values, as well as in the things they said and did.We are all part of the body of Christ. We cannot physically spend time with Jesus, but we can pray, worship and read the Bible. This is how we learn what Jesus is like and become like more him. Our time with God, and our filling with the Spirit, naturally leads to action because God’s love fills us with his love for others. The Holy Spirit helps us to see how to serve people in any given situation and works through us to bring God’s transformation in all areas of people’s lives.
  2. DISCOVERING OUR GIFTS AND CALLING(See Romans 12:1–8, Galatians 2:6–10)The church is commissioned to continue God’s mission. Everyone in the church is called to be a part of the mission of God and is given different skills and opportunities in order to fulfil their part. We discern these as we grow as disciples. As the Romans reference above describes, and like Peter and Paul in the Galatians passage, we are all equipped to do different things – to share the gospel with different people in different ways. We are reminded to do them in loving unity, with no one thinking that their part is superior to anyone else’s.
  3. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS IN OUR COMMUNITIES(See Acts 18:1–4)We need to get to know and understand the communities in which we are living and working, just as Paul did in Corinth in the above passage from Acts. This
    will help us to build relationships with people, to understand their needs and
    to show them God’s love. Our lives show how we have been transformed by our relationship with God: our love for others and for God’s creation is clearly seen in who we are, what we say and what we do. This is how we naturally invite and welcome people into the kingdom of God, making it possible for their relationships and lives to be restored as well.

Participating in God’s mission will lead us towards a more just world, because it is hard to ignore injustice done to people whom we love and want to see flourish.

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