No Fear for the Future 1

No Fear for the Future

The story of Yohana and Pauilina Lusunde is common to many village families from Tanzania; relying on farming activities for their income while facing climate challenges that hindered the productivity and profitability of their livelihood, the family was struggling to make ends meet. Inefficient farming methods, combined with unreliable rains often meant that their income was not sufficient to provide for their five children. Paying their childrens’ school fees, medical expenses, and providing meals for his family became more and more strenuous. 

However, thanks to the local church and its Village Savings and Loans group, Yohana and his wife no longer fear for their future. While Yohana was reluctant, his wife Paulina jumped at the opportunity to invest and save. Taking out a loan, she was able to pay for her children’s school fees, as well as invest in her farm during the planting season.

Her notable eagerness and determination landed her a position as a village agent, and provided the motivation Yohana needed to join her. Planning for his family’s future, he dreamt of buying cassava seeds, a cash crop in Dodoma, to sell in the market. As a new member, he was thrilled to take out a loan to purchase the seeds, as well as pay for his son as he joined secondary school.

Yohana and his wife are thankful for the opportunities the VSL group has provided for them. They are looking forward to taking out a loan to build a permanent house for their family. We are so encouraged by their determination, and love watching them thrive. May God bless them with abundance and a spirit of hope!