New Opportunity

“My name is Wol Deng Kuol, I am 35 years old and a father of 5 children. My wife abandoned me and my children because of my blindness. It has been very difficult for us as a family to get something to eat and most of the time we depend on our neighbours and well-wishers to give us food.  I at times go to the nearby market to beg, handheld by my eldest daughter who is about nine years old. This situation has made my children not to go to school, though I desire that they get an opportunity to go to school because it will change their lives.

I was happy to be picked by the villagers to be one of the recipients of this food assistance through CEDS in partnership with Tearfund. I am happy they considered us. This food will really help me and my children”

New Opportunity 1
Wol Deng (left) receiving emergency food aid made possible through generous Tearfund donors.

Thank you for your generous support. Because of you, Wol Deg and his children survived the summer months.

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