New Found Hope

This story of Achol is just one example of how the food support from CFGB and Tearfund Canada arrived in the community of Warawar and gave hope to those who had lost hope for a long time.

New Found Hope 1
This photo is of Achol after receiving her food in Warawar market where she shared her story with us during the July distribution.

“I have been a single mother of four children since 2013, after my husband died during the conflict. Any support through my family has been lost due to the swelling in my eye, causing my family to reject me. For years I was able to support my children by farming, though since falling ill in 2017 life has been a struggle. The sickness took such a toll on me that I am no longer able to be productive or support my family. I have resorted to going into Warawar market to beg in hopes of getting something for my children to eat, though this has never yielded enough food or money to feed my family. I thank God for this project, since receiving food distributions my children and I finally have enough to eat.”

Thank you for your generous support. Because of you, Achol and her family survived the summer months.

There continues to be ongoing need for many in South Sudan. If you wish to continue your impact, please donate by clicking the button below.