Mud Up To Our Necks 1

Mud Up To Our Necks

On Monday morning August 14, 2017, torrential rainfall triggered flooding in Freetown and environs. A mudslide from Sugar Loaf Mountain in Morteme Community at Regent killed hundreds, and displaced thousands, and impacted tens of thousands with widespread flooding.

“Early in the morning we were still sleeping when the ground shook and we heard a loud blast. Our bed divided into two, and suddenly the house was covered with mud. I could see my wife, but we were both swallowed by the
mud up to our necks.”

“How I got out of the mud, I cannot explain. But God helped me, and I was able to rescue my wife and two children, and then the journalist and his family who were my neighbors. My wife and I both were injured but thank God, our children were unharmed.”

“We thank the Lord Jesus for the miracle. Now we are staying temporarily with Pastor Samba in his home. I thank the Canadians who helped us through the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone (EFSL) through this disaster. There is no better way to feel the love of Christ than when your brethren show concern and share with you in a time like this.”

– Pastor Ibrahim Kamara,
Hope in Christ Ministry