Meet Ray - The Grain Guy 1

Meet Ray – The Grain Guy

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His enthusiasm pours out of him wherever he goes. More than his love for lemon meringue pie is his zeal to raise funds to improve the livelihood of poor farmers in Africa and Asia. Over the past 15 years Ray Baloun of Minnedosa, Manitoba has convinced his church, his denomination – the Evangelical Covenant Church, his employer – Viterra, and hundreds of farmers across Manitoba and Canada to join him in the cause through Kernels of Hope and

Meet Ray - The Grain Guy 2

So far, he has raised close to $1 million! Add the matching funds from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and he has made over $3 million available for agricultural projects. His legacy is thousands and thousands of families who have broken out of poverty across the DR Congo, Tanzania, Cambodia, India and Ethiopia through conservation agriculture facilitated by what is now Tearfund Canada.

Thanks Ray – you’re our hero!