Updated- June 21st is Amaze Day!

Thursday June 21st is Amaze Day! On this day, all donations made towards our new South Sudan food distribution project will have 10x the impact!

Last year, Tearfund Canada (formerly World Relief Canada) distributed millions of packets of Plumpy’Nut, a high nutrition supplement to children and nursing mothers who were at most risk of death in South Sudan last year. This year, your donations will continue to provide for those most vulnerable during the ongoing famine. This includes disabled people, elderly people, as well as female- and child-headed households.

Through the crisis in South Sudan has faded from the headlines, the need is still great. On top of flooding and drought, ongoing conflict has also disrupted agricultural production, creating widespread displacement and forcing farmers off their land. Managing to get enough food to eat the next day is a full-time struggle for many in South Sudan, and going to bed hungry is a normal occurrence. More than one million children in South Sudan are acutely malnourished, including 276,000 children who are also severely malnourished, meaning they are “at imminent risk of death,” according to UNICEF and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Tearfund and our church-based partners are still there, working with on-the-ground Christian organizations to deliver ongoing support to suffering people. Through our close partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, every dollar you give to relieve the suffering from another year of famine in South Sudan will be multiplied as follows:

With your your donations, we will send food vouchers so that these families will receive 114 kg of sorghum, 11 kg of beans, 7 liters of vegetable oil, and 1 kg of iodized salt each month for three months, until the harvest comes in.

Last year we raised $26,846 on Amaze Day and this year we’d like to beat that to raise $40,000! Can you help us get there?

“Thank you to all the people across the world who have come together to help the poor in South Sudan.  We pray that the crisis we experience never happens in your countries. We hope that your gift gets paid back to you twofold so that you can continue to help others around the world” – Lual Tuk Tuk, South Sudan.

Thank you!

Thanks to your generosity we raised enough to provide food for over 13,000 of the most vulnerable in South Sudan on Amaze Day