What is Mission? - Jesus' Mission 1

What is Mission? – Jesus’ Mission

Through Jesus Christ, our relationships with God, each other and creation can be restored.

(See Luke 4:16–21)

Jesus’ mission was to make it possible for our relationships with God, each other and creation to be restored and made good again. He described himself as having come to bring the jubilee. This referred to the
coming of the kingdom of God: a time when people would be set free and when shalom (harmony) would be restored.

Jesus shared God’s love through his words, his deeds and his character,
and he sought to transform the lives of the people he met in whatever way they needed most. Sometimes this involved healing them, sometimes it involved feeding them and sometimes it involved talking to them about the things that were wrong in their lives. He did not discriminate between ‘types’ of need: he valued and served the people he met in ways that enabled them to begin living a full life. Jesus’ life shows us what restored relationships and life in the kingdom will look like.

In his death and resurrection, Jesus freed us from sin and made it possible
for us to have a relationship with God eternally. This allows us to hope, with certainty, that ultimately the new creation promised in the book of Revelation will come.

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