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Starting this month, youth across Canada will be raising funds to DO something about global poverty by purchasing virtual acres!

Each group that signs up will brainstorm creative ways to raise money to farm as many acres acres of land as possible. It costs $300 to buy seeds, tools and fertilizer to for land farmed by Canadian farmers.  In the fall the crops will be sold for a profit (approximately $500). The farmer will deposit the profits into the Tearfund account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and it is DOUBLED through a government of Canada matching program which will turn $300 into as much as $1000!

Funds raised through the Youth Challenge will benefit farmers from the Suara people group in the Rayagada district of India. Farmer’s like Baida Pahariya live in isolated forest and hilly areas where they lack government services. Like his neighbours, Mr. Pahariya faced very low agricultural production from the largely rocky dry depleted soils, and the few lowland plots that could be irrigated.

In order to improve the crop yields and family nutrition in the area Tearfund Canada and local church partners EFICOR have introduced line sowing and kitchen garden farm methods with funding from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

As one of the farmers who received training, Baida Pahariya is now growing papaya and maize for food and to sell for income. More importantly he and his family now have have a defense against permanent poverty. All thanks to gifts from caring Christians delivered through the church.

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  1. To engage youth in fun, creative and thought provoking activities that will spark global consciousness and demonstrate the importance of going beyond empathy to positive action.
  2. Provide a unique educational experience for your youth group. They will learn the causes and solutions to global poverty, about life for rural poor in other parts of the world, and how God’s creation provides for his children

Youth groups will compete to see who can raise the most money in 2 competition categories (Top Fundraisers and the Most Creative Fundraisers).

Representatives from the winning teams, will receive an all expenses paid – Canadian Harvest Experience on labour day weekend and learn more about how the money they’ve raised will transform life for the rural poor in India.

How many Acres will your youth group buy?

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