Itamar's Story 1

It was devastating. We had nothing to eat… I scavenged for chicken bones to prepare with water and salt so my children wouldn’t starve.”

Itamar once was working at her dream job, running a small shop in Venezuela as an entrepreneur. Little did she know it would all come crashing down.

At first, it became more difficult to acquire goods. Then the prices increased dramatically – causing her business to fail. With six children and pregnant with the seventh, and with her husband already in Colombia to earn more money, it became overwhelming. “It was devastating. We had nothing to eat. I scavenged for chicken bones to prepare with water and salt so my children wouldn’t starve.”

When the baby was born, she was malnourished. She needed to take care of her with no diapers, no clothes, no food… nothing. She fell into depression. “I was desperate – I wanted to help my children but couldn’t find a way out. I tried to take my life, but didn’t succeed.

Eventually, her husband saved enough money to bring the family to Colombia. “I was very happy. I will never forget that he welcomed us with a plate of spaghetti with ketchup; I couldn’t stop crying, I thought we would never eat real food again.

Itamar believes that God sent her husband before with a purpose. In the middle of this crisis, one of the local churches – supported by generous donors – opened up its arms to her family and provided them with water jugs, cooking pots, and now even a food voucher – something she considers a miracle.

I was praying one night in the kitchen, ‘God please provide the 200,000 COP ($80 CAD) I need to start my business here’ and today we were given a food voucher of that exact amount!

Even though Itamar is sad to have left her house, family, and friends behind, she believes her life is in Colombia. She wants her business to grow and her children to study and graduate. “If we seek God He will give us what we need. He is a good Father who takes care of his children.” Itamar says.

Your donation today will help Itamar and others like her by providing them with basic needs such as food vouchers, hygienic kits, health attention and daily cooked meals. By working with local churches and grassroots organizations, you will be helping those in greatest need, and extend God’s love to many Venezuelan families.

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Itamar's Story 3

Venezuela Crisis Updates

  • Venezuela’s inflation rate has skyrocketed 53 million percent since 2016
  • 9 out of 10 people are trapped in starvation
  • 64% of people have lost 25 lbs, on average, due to malnutrition
  • 5.3 million people are expected to flee the country by the end of 2019
  • Two thirds of Venezuelans have experienced either water shortages, or total loss of water. “I’ve seen crowds collect water around leaking sewage pipes to drink and bathe.”
  • Doctors are saying that they are seeing an uptick in cases of diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis A.