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Unshakable Hope

Impact Report 2023

Message from the CEO

Dear friend,


If it feels like this year had more emergencies than others it’s because–it did.

The cover of this report is evidence of this. Week after week, month after month, newspaper headlines painted a picture of gloom and despair. From the war in Ukraine, to drought in the horn of Africa, to flooding in Pakistan. And it’s only supposed to get worse.


In 2022 we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of disasters. But despite all the calamity around us, let me tell you one thing: Our God is unshakable. In him, we have unshakable hope!


It’s because of this hope we press forward. When faced with uncertainty and pain, it’s easy to become
paralyzed. To become stuck in grief. But Christ shows us another way. These moments are when his power is most on display.


And that’s what we saw this year. Taking your generosity, God has done tremendous things.


With your help, local churches have been equipped and empowered–going beyond their walls and transforming their communities. Families fleeing war have been fed and cared for; and farmers suffering from hunger have learned how to grow more food. Your gifts have empowered women to save, start new businesses and lead their families out of poverty. And your support has brought the message of Jesus and new life to many survivors of Sexual and Gender- Based Violence.


I hope that this report encourages you and helps you see some of the amazing ways God is still working in
the world. And that you would continue to strive after him, our rock and our hope.



Global Impact

Individuals are more food secure
Individuals economically empowered
local churches mobilized
Individuals received life-saving aid

Stories of Change

Reverend Ndambuki's Story
Reverend Christopher Ndambuki2

Reverend Christopher Ndambuki looks out from his pulpit to his hungry congregation. “My wife and I sacrifice and share what we have. Though it is generally not enough for us.”


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Mariam's Story
TearFund Canada_Tanzania_20220114_BrianOngoro-10

“Clink… Clink… Clink, Clink, Clink…” goes the sound of rain on Mariam’s tin roof. The rains have come after 8 months of waiting.


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Jeniffer’s Story

After only one year of participating in her savings group she held 9,000 shillings in her hand–a return of 346%. “I was ecstatic,” Jeniffer said. “I just didn’t believe it was possible.”


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Leoni's Story
20211213_DRC_Tearfund_ Maboya_21

At the edge of her field, Leonie stands tall. She carefully examines the crops being grown. She turns to us and says “Before I was a simple farmer, but now I no longer go into the fields; I pay workers to go and work in my field.”

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Lyunov's Story

“I woke up at 4 am… and I understood that the war had started.” Lyunov tells us as she fights back tears. Living in the the Mykolayiv region of Ukraine, near Kherson, the war was on her doorstep before she knew it.


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Bizunesh's Story

As we speak to Bizunesh we are curiously watched by a dozen Ethiopian children. We are the entertainment of the day. They stand around with their bare feet on the reddish-brown soil speckled with small stones. To them, this is how life has always been. But Bizunesh, 40, remembers differently.


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From our Partners

Key Areas


Church Mobilization

The church is unstoppable because God is unstoppable. Through Tearfund, you're partnering with local churches to create real change and lead their communities to a future of hope and opportunity.

You're Helping Provide New Hope

We believe that the church is the centre of change. Through church-based community transformation, you’re helping churches across East Africa and India tackle the immense physical and spiritual needs around them and bring lasting hope.

Economic Empowerment

Last year, you provided families with the tools to help them slowly climb out of poverty using their own two hands and see a future of hope and opportunity.

You're Helping Break The Bonds Of Poverty

Saving groups, business training, and farmer cooperatives are all proven methods of helping families out of poverty. In 2022 you helped 11,870 families break the cycle of poverty using their own God-given skills and abilities. Now THAT’S something to celebrate.

Emergency Aid

Sadly, last year was a record year for disasters. You gave us the ability to respond.

When Disaster Strikes, We Rush In

Coming off the cusp of the COVID pandemic, 2022 saw an unprecedented number of disasters. From massive flooding in Pakistan, to severe drought in the Horn of Africa, to the War in Ukraine, the need is greater now than ever before. These disasters affected the lives of hundreds of millions, resulting in hunger, migration, conflict, and untold suffering.

Food Security

Recent events have pushed many families back into extreme hunger. But thanks to your help - we're pushing back. Last year you helped us not only meet immediate food needs but also set families on a path to having enough food for the future.

You're Helping Bring Hunger To A Grinding Halt

Hunger won’t have the last word. Although global hunger levels have been rising, you're helping us fight back. Through the introduction of drought-resistant crops, new farming methods, and innovative storage techniques, you’re stopping hunger dead in its tracks.

Investing in Women

Gender abuse, violence and disrespect contravenes God's idea of partnership. Last year you helped equip and empower thousands of women and girls, providing them with confidence and putting them on a path to abundance.

You're Helping Raise Confidence In Women & Girls

It’s amazing what a little bit of investment can do. Through Tearfund, you’re investing in women–helping them take care of their families and take on leadership roles. The result? A series of new role models leading to a whole new generation of change-makers.

Climate Adaptation

To those living in poverty, a changing climate is a matter of life and death. Droughts, floods, and disasters are making more difficult to farm and are destoying homes and livelihoods. But together, we're bringing hope.

You're Helping Families Adapt To A Changing Climate

In 2022, donors like you helped families in the poorest places adapt to a changing climate. Through smart agriculture, water management, and tree planting you’re helping provide families bearing the brunt of climate change a future of hope.

Part of Something Bigger

Our Partners

Our partners are essential to the success of our work. Local partners are embedded in their communities and have a deep understanding of the local culture, language, and needs. They also cost much less than sending expensive foreign staff abroad. Long after we’re gone, they will still be there.


Our partners inspire us, strengthen us, and challenge us to do more. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Official Supporting Churches & Denominations

Together, God’s people are a hub of change. We are so thankful to the many Canadian denominations who have partnered with Tearfund as their relief and development agency of choice.

Financial Accountability

Tearfund Canada exists to provide relief and development assistance to the world’s most oppressed, poor, and suffering people by partnering with churches and other Christian agencies and organizations. We trust God for our finances. Our operations depend on the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, as well as contracts from Global Affairs Canada and through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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Help Transform More Lives 

Projects in 2023

At Tearfund, we are committed to working through and alongside nationally-led churches and their relief & development arms to be catalysts for sustainable change. As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, there are four key initiatives that we seek your partnership in.


1. Climate Adaptation Project

We are in the planning phase of two massive climate adaptation pilot projects aimed at helping thousands of farming families adapt to the effects of a changing climate. These groundbreaking projects will help families respond to increased challenges such as drought, food shortages and flash flooding. They will use nature-based solutions to help restore land degraded by clear-cutting and overutilization to protect against threats such as erosion and improve soil fertility. The lessons learned and the principles practiced will be implemented by all of our partners.


2. Second Herd of Buffalo

In late 2021 Tearfund helped facilitate the return of the buffalo to Cote First Nation in Saskatchewan for the first time in over 150 years. The herd has already grown 50%, with new calves born this year. This pilot project has exceeded all expectations – leading to beautiful friendships and newfound trust between Cote First Nation and local churches. We wish to continue this momentum to another First Nation to continue on this journey of reconciliation and display of Jesus’ love. In late 2023 we seek to provide another starter herd of 22 Buffalo to another First Nation in Treaty 4 Territory.


3. Increased NEXUS Programming

How do we transition communities from displacement due to conflict and famine to resilience? Nexus programming is designed to do that. We currently have a large Nexus pilot project in South Sudan, helping families who have suffered from years of war and destruction rebuild their lives. We have learned so much. In addition to food assistance, families are starting to sow new farms and build local economies to escape poverty for good. In 2023 we plan on expanding this great work to more communities and regions for long-term change.

4. Northern Ethiopia (Tigray Recovery) program

With the truce in Ethiopia officially declared, much rebuilding must be done. Over 2023 (and beyond), we will work with our local church partner to help families rebuild what was lost in the war and help communities be restored.

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