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Boundless Potential

Impact Report 2022

Message from the CEO

Immense, unfathomable, limitless. How can we describe the magnitude and awesomeness of our God? And for some reason, in his wisdom, God chose us to participate with him in his grand redemptive story.

The church is unstoppable because God is unstoppable. It isn’t perfect—by no means! But God is using you and the local church to change the world.

Over the last year you have been part of changing lives. By equipping and empowering local churches across Africa and Asia, families are realizing a future free from physical and spiritual poverty.

You have helped us to respond to more disasters at once than ever before in our history. Helping save lives through the provision of food, water, and other necessities.

We continue to hear countless stories of personal transformation in the lives of families around the world. They thank you for the tools and training you have provided so that they can lift their families out of poverty, send their children to school, and look towards a future of hope and possibility.

It’s impossible to pack all the impact you’ve helped create into a single report. But we hope that it gives you a taste of the difference you are making. And together, with you, with local leaders, and the local church, we look forward to seeing more lives changed in 2022.

We can’t wait to see what God will do.

With deep gratitude,

In 2021, generous donors like you impacted 405,645 lives.

people have access to more food (that's 5 more per hour!)
individuals took their first steps out of poverty
were equipped in holistic ministry
received emergency aid in times of disaster

Stories of Change

Life in the Desert

In the arid region of central Tanzania, local churches have played a crucial role in helping families grow more to eat – feeding people spiritually and physically. 

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Dancing for Joy

Although advanced in years, Ndikilii loves to dance. She is happy to celebrate and tell the dramatic difference kitchen gardens and savings groups have made in her life. 

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A Smile that Shines

Masika’s smile bursts through the colourful cloth. Through savings groups she has recently bought a sewing machine and has become a budding entrepreneur. 

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A New Roar

Hanna used to spend 3 days grinding cassava roots by hand. Now it only takes 1 HOUR! Along with training in gender equity, the machine facilitated a more equal relationship with her husband.

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A Long Journey

Abrlhet is one of millions that has fled the violence in Ethiopia. She arrived to us with nothing but her baby in her arms. Since then she is able to eat three meals a day – thanks to you.

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When the World Stopped

When COVID-19 wreaked havoc in India we immediately responded. With your support, local churches provided food to the most vulnerable – those who had lost it all.

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Watch your Impact!

Nigist lived deep in poverty, often wondering what the future would look like. But now she is thriving thanks to the church which helped her unlock her God-given potential.

Cassava is easy to grow and very nutritious. The problem? It is toxic without being properly processed. See how these simple machines are transforming entire villages. 

Pivoting Towards Permanent Change in South Sudan

John Katosa and his wife Ester Juan have never known security. But when they fled their village in Kajo Keji because of conflict it took on a new meaning. They lived in the refugee camp for years, anxious for the chance to return home. “Life is difficult in the refugee settlement, especially with a family,” John tells us. “We had to return to Kajo-Keji. We wanted to have our own land.”

Years of war and political strife has meant that 9 out of 10 South Sudanese suffer with extreme hunger. And over half of children between the ages of 2 and 5 eat only one meal a day.

John and Ester returned home with thousands of other refugees seeking to rebuild. But when they arrived, they found the land had been laid to ruin and struggled to get started.

But thanks to your gifts, we are midway through a new innovative project called HERD. This project is helping returning refugee families move away from handouts and towards a future free from poverty.

First, 700 vulnerable families were provided with urgently needed food. Next, 6,000 families received seed kits, farming tools, and training in sustainable farming practices. The land in Kajo Keji is very fertile, with the training families have been able to grow thriving gardens full of okra, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, beans, peanuts and cassava. Through the project, women’s inequality is also addressed, encouraging families to keep girls in school, prevent child marriages, and allow for greater decision making in the home.

As part of the project, John and Ester joined a savings group and are starting to save some of their earnings. Collectively, these groups have saved over $10,000 so far! Through Tearfund you are helping families find real, lasting change.

Key Areas


Church Mobilization

The church is unstoppable because God is unstoppable. Through Tearfund, you're partnering with local churches to create real change and lead their communities to a future of hope and opportunity.

You're Standing Alongside the Local Church

In 2021: 122 churches were empowered to reach out into their communities; 264 church leaders were equipped in holistic ministry; and churches in Ethiopia were 20X more likely to display acts of compassion after training.

Economic Empowerment

Last year, you provided families with the tools to help them slowly climb out of poverty using their own two hands and see a future of hope and opportunity.

A future of opportunity

In 2021: 1,202 new savings groups were organized; 10,613 families were enrolled in savings groups; and 63,678 individuals took their first steps out of poverty!

Emergency Aid

Sadly, last year was a record year for disasters. You gave us the ability to respond.

You're providing life-saving aid

Last year, donors like you helped us respond to more disasters in a single year than ever before. In total, you provided 269,294 people with life saving aid - emergency food, water and sanitation, medicine, and essential supplies.

Food Security

Recent events have pushed many families back into extreme hunger. But thanks to your help - we're pushing back. Last year you helped us not only meet immediate food needs but also set families on a path to having enough food for the future.

You're helping feed families

In 2021: 1,644 metric tons of food was distributed to families in need; 13,907 farmers were trained in new farming methods; and 45,396 people had access to more food - that's 5 more people every hour!

Investing in Women

Gender abuse, violence and disrespect contravenes God's idea of partnership. Last year you helped equip and empower thousands of women and girls, providing them with confidence and putting them on a path to abundance.

Equipping Women and Girls

In 2021: 314,740 women and girls were empowered; 51,720 women were part of saving groups; 23,460 individuals were involved in sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) reduction programs; and 206 church leaders were trained in SGBV trauma rehabilitation.

Climate Adaptation

To those living in poverty, a changing climate is a matter of life and death. Droughts, floods, and disasters are making more difficult to farm and are destoying homes and livelihoods. But together, we're bringing hope.

You're helping farmers adapt

In 2021 donors like you helped plant 272,577 trees and helped equip our network of local churches with the tools they need to adapt to these new challenges. Through farmer training, tree planting, and better water management, you’ve helped thousands of people see a brighter future.

Part of Something Bigger

Our Partners

Through Tearfund, you’re part of a global community focused on facing the challenges of poverty and injustice through God’s love. We don’t believe that we’re called to tackle this massive challenge on our own. Instead, we believe that God loves partnerships and that together, God’s people can be an incredible hub of change!

Official Supporting Churches & Denominations

Together, God’s people are a hub of change. We are so thankful to the many Canadian denominations who have partnered with Tearfund as their relief and development agency of choice.

Financial Accountability

Tearfund Canada exists to provide relief and development assistance to the world’s most oppressed, poor, and suffering people by partnering with churches and other Christian agencies and organizations. We trust God for our finances. Our operations depend on the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, as well as contracts from Global Affairs Canada and through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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Help Transform More Lives 

Our Vision in 2022

God has done immeasurably more than we could have imagined in 2021. Over the next year, we are committed to continuing following him to help those in greatest need. Your support is critical to our work.

In 2022, help us:


1. Expand our work with the local church

Like you, we believe that God uses his local church to transform communities. In 2022 we will continue our commitment of working with the local church in the places we work to lift families out of physical and spiritual poverty. Our goal is to equip and empower many more congregations and church leaders with the tools they need to go beyond their walls to offer families a future of opportunity and hope.

2. Transition more families in South Sudan from relief to Self-sufficiency

One of the most exciting new projects we have is our South Sudan HERD project. Funded by the Government of Canada and donors like you, this project aims to take families in South Sudan dependent on relief handouts and transition them to long-term self-sufficiency. Usually projects are either relief or development; this project covers both. It is a truly unique project we’re excited to partner with you on.


3. Start New Projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Over the last 5 years donors like you have helped thousands of families in the DR Congo farm more food, generate more income, and take their first steps out of poverty. We are thrilled to say that 2 of our projects have come to an end allowing us to start new projects which will help more families.

4. Expand our work with climate adaptation and advocacy

Our partners and the families we work with continue to tell us how a changing climate is affecting their lives. It is pushing many families back into poverty and for some it is a life or death situation.

We believe that the church has a role and aim to be the leading Christian voice in this area. In 2022 our goal is to help farmers adapt to changing climate conditions while also encouraging Canadian churches and Christians to consider what the Bible says about this topic.

5. Strengthen partnerships

The strength of our many partnerships is how we are able to change many more lives with fewer resources – stretching your dollar further. In 2022 we will strive to work closely with our partners in new innovative ways to change more lives and become ever more effective in transforming communities.

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