Her Head Held High 1

Her Head Held High

Married at the age of 16 to a man several years older, Nyibol’s life was a constant struggle. Today, at 23 years old, she carries the burden of her family of 6, as her husband is unable to work in his old age. 

Starting her work before dawn, she collects and carries firewood. Enduring the morning sun, she carries her load to the markets to be sold. With this as the only source of a small and unpredictable income, Nyibol struggles to make ends meet.

Her Head Held High 2

Desperate to provide for her family, Nyibol has always prioritised her family over all else. Her dedication and focus on earning an income has meant the neglect of her personal health and hygiene along the way. During menstruation, Nyibol would have to stay hidden within her home as she couldn’t afford to buy any sanitary products or soap. In addition to the humiliation that this led to, it also meant losing out on a few days’ income every month –  something the family could not afford. 

As hope was withering, Nyibol Yai was enrolled in the CFGB funded emergency food assistance program, which changed her life. In addition to being assured of adequate supplies of essential food commodities for her entire family for a few months, Nyibol also received hygiene kits, empowering her to continue working.

Nyibol says with pride: “I’m thankful to CFGB, Tearfund and CEDS for providing me with the dignity kit. I am now able to continue my work with confidence, without any embarrassment.”