Helping Others Help Themselves 1

Helping Others Help Themselves

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In July 2018, Tearfund Canada CEO Wayne Johnson travelled through Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. He witnessed God’s love in action, through our close partnerships with local churches and on-the-ground organizations, namely Fadhili Trust in Kenya and Terepeza Development Association in Ethiopia. There, he met face-to-face with women and men whose  lives have taken a turn for the better because of savings groups and conservation agriculture, supported by generous people throughout Canada.

Helping Others Help Themselves 2Wayne speaking with a savings group in Kenya

Every single person Wayne met already had the strength and determination they needed to transform their own lives; what they lacked was the right opportunity, information and skills to make the necessary change. Tearfund’s church partners empower women and men to use what God has already provided to exit poverty — no matter how small it seems at first glance.

Rather than providing handouts, our local partners are showing people how pooling tiny amounts of their own money opens up new possibilities. Training in resilient agriculture improves food production and protects the soil.  Suddenly, people who were once stuck in generations of poverty now have access to loans, new ideas for cooperating with neighbours, and are multiplying scarce resources to support their families and communities.

“They welcomed me and the team by singing a traditional song ‘Welcome Muzungu, our problems are solved’. After the meeting, I challenged them about the song they had sung and they laughed. ‘It is a traditional song, but you don’t need to solve our problems – we are solving our own problems now.’” – Wayne Johnson

When we see that tens of thousands of people are taking part in savings groups and resilient agriculture – doing business, breaking free from corrupt money lenders and joining forces with neighbours to improve their communities — we see those excited faces of empowerment from Kenya and Ethiopia echoed thousands of times. We thank God that our partnership with you is making it all possible.

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