“Everyday I miss my father and siblings…”

In August 2017, the world watched in horror as the Rohingya people were killed, assaulted and humiliated – solely because of their faith. Over 700,000 fled to neighbouring Bangladesh. Eventually, over a million people settled in the Cox Bazaar refugee camp – the largest in the world. Asima, a young girl recalls the experience.

“In Myanmar I was going to school and studying. Then it all changed. When the military came they killed many people and burned down our houses. They murdered my father, brother, and sister. Only my mother and I got away.

We ran to the forest and started the treacherous journey to Bangladesh. We needed to avoid the main road to avoid the military. We walked for a long time without any food.

I used to work with my dad in the field, cook with my sister and eat rice together as a family. My sister and I used to have fun and pretend to fight with each other. All the time I am missing my Father and siblings.”

As Christians it is challenging to witness this kind of injustice and suffering. It breaks the heart of God. But it also gives us a chance to respond. To stand up with the oppressed in love and provide compassion.

Generous donors like you helped provide Asmia with food, clean water, latrines, solar lighting and child friendly spaces while she waits to go home.

We are committed and continue to serve all those who are victims of disaster – natural or manmade. Will you join us in following Jesus where the need is greatest?

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