Thanks for having a heart for Women and Children!

Does it excite you to think about sharing God’s love by …

Equipping women with the tools they need to start businesses, grow their earnings, and invest in their families?

Helping children go from eating one meal a day to eating three?

Coming alongside families so they can save enough money to send their children to school?

Providing places of community and biblical encouragement?

    If you’re excited by this, then you understand that by empowering women, you’re helping lift an entire family out of poverty. You have a heart for helping moms send their kids to school to provide them with a better future. You understand the big picture of savings groups and how they help establish new businesses and paths out of poverty. Tearfund Canada can help you take action through savings groups and loans that empower women.

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    Your generosity is making a difference all around the world. Here’s how:

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