Thanks for having a heart for Church Empowerment

Does it excite you to share God’s love by …

Equipping churches with the tools and training they need to go outside their walls and meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of their community?

Empowering the local church to live our Christ’s mission of helping the poor, advocating against injustice, and bringing His Kingdom on Earth?

Coming alongside churches to spread God’s mission of restoration, creating a movement of life-transformation throughout Africa and Asia?

    If you’re excited by this, then you understand that God has called us – His Church – to bring about His Kingdom on Earth. You desire to see the church live out the gospel, not just in speech but in action, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its community with compassion and truth. You see the bigger picture of how the church is the only organization able to truly tackle poverty, and that He has called us to join in. Tearfund can help you join into what God is doing through churches around the world.

    Explore Your Impact

    Your generosity is making a difference all around the world. Here’s how:

    A Harvest in the Drought

    October 14, 2019Feeding six hungry and growing children, aged 1-14 was becoming increasingly difficult for Safene and Aynalem as their crops were not producing enough to sustain the family. Both with limited ... Read More

    The Power of Savings

    October 7, 2019As a wife and a mother of 3, Rose Masya depended wholly on farming as a source of income for her family, relying on the weather for a fruitful harvest. ... Read More

    Preaching the Gospel Through Savings Groups

    October 7, 2019While Jonisiah’s life has been transformed by the love of God, she has also experienced the benefits of Village Savings and Loans Groups that have lifted her out of poverty. ... Read More