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Help Farmers Escape Poverty for Good

“We only ate one meal a day for 9 months.”

Only a few years ago, this was Donald and Sabrina’s reality. Living in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, they constantly struggled to make ends meet. With only one rainy season a year, a drought meant they had to desperately fight for survival. From one year to the next, they would pray that they would be able to provide enough food for themselves and their 5 children.

Unable to grow enough, thousands of families in Tanzania struggle to get enough to each each year. With Low crop yields, many years they  have nothing left to sell, making it impossible for them to pay for school fees, medicine, or farming equipment. Donald and Sabrina tried as hard as they could to grow more, but it seemed hopeless. With poor soil, sparse rainfall, and small plots of land it was impossible. 

But together with generous donors like you, this all changed.

At one of Tearfund’s grassroot church partners, Donald and Sabrina were given the opportunity to attend a two-year agricultural training program which taught them simple techniques to improve their yields. No tillage farming, mulching, and smart crop rotation which were cheap and easy to implement. They also learned the love God had for them and how they are blessed with gifts and abilities. In one year, they were able to improve their crop yield an amazing 200%!

“At first we were skeptical, but decided to do a trial plot. After a year the plot almost had double the yield than the rest of our fields!”

Donald Mongwela

As a member of the village council and a natural leader, Donald couldn’t wait to share this news with others in his community. Today he is teaching others how God has changed his life and how they too can increase their yields 2X to 3X using these farming techniques.

We need your help to train 700 more families in desperate need

Although Donald, Sabrina and their family now have enough to eat there are still others who are in desperate need of this training. Our goal is to train 700 more families. 

Through your donation, we will impact over 2,800 individuals to be freed from poverty using their own God-given skills and potential.

Families Trained
Families remain
Eat 1 Meal A Day
Crop yield increase after training

Today, your donation has 6X the impact!

Yes – 6X. Because of our special partnerships with Canadian farmers and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank we are able to take every dollar you donate on Giving Tuesday and transform it into 6!

Giving Tuesday 2019 1

Take Advantage of this opportunity and make a lasting difference.

You can make a life-changing difference in the lives of 700 families.

Consider the impact your donation will have:

  • $56 (X6) → provides training to help 1 family triple their crop yield
  • $170 (X6) → provides training to help 3 families triple their crops yield
  • $338 (X6) → provides training to help one family 6 families triple their crops yield
  • $680 (X6) → provides training to help 2 families 12 families triple their crop yield