What is Mission? - God's Creation and the New Creation 1

What is Mission? – God’s Creation and the New Creation

When sin entered the world, relationships between God, people and the
rest of creation were broken. God wants to restore these relationships.

(See Genesis 1–3, Romans 8:18–25, Revelation 21)

In the beginning, God created the world and it was good. God created humans to live in a loving relationship with him and gave them the responsibility of caring for his creation.

However, humans were tempted not to trust God’s authority and to seek power for themselves. This caused what we call ‘the Fall’. In this moment sin entered the world, and the relationships between God, humans and the rest of creation were broken. Life became harder, and people’s desire to protect themselves caused them to harm others. This is the root of poverty.

However, the Bible tells us that God wants to restore relationships, because God loves us and wants all of creation to be good once again. The stories of Abraham, Moses and the nation of Israel in the Old Testament tell us how God approached humans again, seeking a relationship with them. God wanted to show the rest of the world what it would look like to live in harmony with God, each other and the rest of creation. The gospels follow, telling us how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection made restored relationships and a new creation possible. We read about the hope of this promised new creation throughout the New Testament (for example, in Romans 8), and its appearance is described in Revelation.

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