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Help feed families in the DRC

Giving Tuesday 2021

On Nov 30, your donation is leveraged 4X!

Masika is a 48-year-old widow taking care of 6 orphans.

Although she has little herself, she is filled with compassion and an urgency to help. Thanks to donors like you, she has more than most in her village. But there are many more families and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo who are in need of a lifeline.

Please help them today.

After her husband died Masika was in shock. She was now a widow.

Anxiety flooded into her. How would she pay for her children’s school fees? Or doctor’s bills? How would she even make sure they had enough to eat?

Masika lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—one of the poorest places on earth. Years of deadly conflict, disease, and corruption have fueled immense hunger. In absolute numbers, the DRC is now the largest food crisis in the world.

Children are hardest hit.

An estimated 3.3 million children are acutely malnourished. That’s about the same number of every child in all of Ontario.

When children are malnourished their growing bodies don’t develop properly. They suffer in school. They don’t grow as tall. It affects them for the rest of their lives. It creates a ripple effect that lasts a generation.

You can help end the hunger crisis for thousands of people.

In partnership with the local church—the Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa—you can help train families how to grow more food so that they can feed their families and climb out of poverty. Like Masika’s family. 

Three years ago she heard of one of the training programs and decided to attend. There, she was provided with farming training that increased her yield by 300%! But that’s not all.

With the additional income was able to start saving small amounts in a village savings group. Eventually she was eligible for a loan. She decided to take out a loan at the beginning of cropping season to rent out a larger field. And at the end of the season she harvested more than her family had ever seen!

But seeing the immense needs around her, she didn’t keep all her new found blessings. Instead, filled with compassion, she decided to care for 6 orphans in her community. Providing them with food and a place to call home. Just like Jesus would do. But unfortunately, there are many others who are in desperate need of help.

Masika and her 6 adopted children. Thanks to donors like you, she was able to provide them with food and a place to call home.

This Giving Tuesday your donation will make 4X the impact!

The problem may seem massive. “What can my donation do?” But your donation will make a massive difference in the lives of families like Masika’s. And thanks to our incredible partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, every donation you make on Giving Tuesday, November 30, will make 4X the difference!

Our goal is to help 1,500 families in 12 villages by the end of this year. To do that we will need $114,812 from people like you. Once matched, that means we will be able to fully fund this urgently needed project.

Imagine the difference you can make:

  • $153 helps feed half a family 2 families
  • $306 helps feed 1 family 4 families
  • $612 helps feed 2 families 8 families

Your donation will make a massive difference in the future of so many lives. Please donate today.