A dry year with little rain left Tesema Bariso, his wife, and three children with little to eat and nothing to sell. TODAY, Giving Tuesday, your donation will be multiplied 8X – giving you greater opportunity to help farmers like Tesema, grow enough food every year.

Thirty years ago, famine in Ethiopia killed one million people and left millions more without the resources to rebuild their lives. But it’s a different country today. An exciting Christian revival is moving across the land, and God is using His renewed church to change lives forever.

With support of people like you, Tearfund is working with the local church to help eliminate the threat of hunger.

Although Ethiopia today is no longer in famine, farmers are dangerously vulnerable to drought. An alarming 80% of people living in Ethiopia rely on rain-fed farming. Any shortage of rain is devastating. It means families like Tesema’s struggle to feed themselves, buy necessities, or keep their kids in school.

We can’t make it rain, but we can help farmers grow a lot more crops with the rain that falls.

Through the Ethiopian church, and with help of donors like you, Tearfund is training people new farming methods that double and triple crop yields – even during drought. Tearfund is part of a plan to deliver training to 8,500 farmers, to help them grow enough food feed their families and provide better futures for their children.

But we cannot achieve this goal without your donation. Today your gift to this project will be multiplied an astonishing eight (8!) times over, thanks to partners who agreed to multiply all individual donations.

Thanks to donor support, Tesema and his family now have enough food to eat and sell. But thousands of other Ethiopian families do not. You can make that difference in their lives. Take advantage of this 8X multiplier. Please give today through the form below or this link. Or if you prefer over the phone, please call (647) 262-3360.

Your gift is being multiplied 8 times and will support farmers in Ethiopia produce more food to feed their families. Thank you!