The Great Canadian Youth Challenge 2

Why Sign up your Youth Group?

1. To engage youth in fun, creative and thought provoking activities that will spark their global consciousness and demonstrate the importance of going beyond empathy to positive action.

2. Provide a unique educational experience for your youth group. They will learn about
1) The causes and solutions to global poverty.
2) Life for rural poor in in other parts of the world.
3) how God’s creation provides for his children.

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The Challenge

The Great Canadian Youth Group Challenge will engage youth groups in issues of food security, agriculture and poverty and to what Canadians are doing about poverty in the global south. Youth groups will challenge other youth groups (through video and social media) to take part in serving the hungry of our world. It will also connect youth groups to one another, proving that cooperation makes the most impact when responding to the needs of the world’s poor.

The Great Canadian Youth Challenge 3

Youth groups set a goal to raise funds up until June 17th. A goal of $900 is suggested to buy seeds, tools and fertilizer to farm 3 acres of land in Canada. The land is farmed by Canadian farmers and crops are sold for a profit (approximately $500) The farmer deposits the profits into the Tearfund account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and it is DOUBLED through a government of Canada matching program turning $300 into as much as $1000! The funds are used to train as many as 27 farming families in rural India on new methods that will increase their harvests, provide their families with more food, extra income and a view of the future without poverty.

Youth groups will compete in 2 competition categories  – (A) Top Fundraisers (B) Most Creative Fundraiser. Representatives from the winning teams will receive an all expenses paid – Canadian Harvest Experience on labour day weekend and learn more about how the money they’ve raised will transform life for the rural poor.  Youth will take part in the harvest – combines, tractors, farm food, grain elevators – it will be a blast! … and an awesome learning opportunity.

The Great Canadian Youth Challenge 4

Competition Categories

1. Top fundraising groups: This is straightforward; the 3 youth groups who raise the most money for Virtual Acres up until June 17th 2018, will send representatives to The Canadian Harvest experience.

2. Most Creative fundraisers: Which group was most creative in their fundraising? Who did the best job of telling their story by social media? Who is most creative in using video? Who does a good job engaging their local community? What was the craziest fundraiser? Three winners will be selected by our team at Tearfund Canada and will select 3 representatives to attend the Canadian Harvest Experience.

Winners will be announced June 21st. All members of the winning youth groups will receive a T-shirt from Tearfund Canada and will have their campaign story featured on our website and social media pages

The Harvest Experience

Representatives from the winning youth groups will to go to Minnedosa, MB on Labour Day weekend to experience a Canadian Harvest. 18 youth will take part in the harvest. Combines, tractors, farm food, grain elevators. It will be a blast!

In Minnedosa, youth representatives will meet “Ray the Grain Guy” and hear his story of helping people around the world.

All the details of the trip will be taken care of by Tearfund including flights, transportation to/from the Winnipeg airport to Minnedosa, food and accommodation. We guarantee that the food will be amazing! You will share this experience with youth from across Canada!

Tearfund will support your success

We will provide:
• An online platform to fundraise and track progress towards the goal
• Activities related to Food Security and Agriculture
• Bible Studies and Case Stories
• Fundraising ideas and resources for creating your own promotional materials
• Incredible learning experience for up to 18 young leaders from across Canada

The Great Canadian Youth Challenge 5
Don Miller, Church Relations

If you have any questions, or need more information please connect with Don.
Phone: (613) 371-6246

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