From the Ashes

“My name is Garang Luol a resident of Rumaker, Aweil East, South Sudan. I am 51 years old, married and a father of 6 children. In mid-April, a fire struck our village, burnt down several houses, and my house was also destroyed in the fire. The fire was sudden and many of us were not able to rescue anything from our houses.

From the Ashes 1
Garang standing besides the emergency food ratios he received thanks to generous Tearfund Donors.

Having lost everything to the fire and compounded by the fact that I am small-scale farmer, yet I did not get good harvest in the previous season due to erratic rains. Life was unbearable and food to eat was hard to come by. My family depended on a few of our neighbours whose houses were not burnt and had a little food to share. Four of my children dropped out of school as they could no longer concentrate in class.

This all changed when I was selected by the community to be a beneficiary of this food assistance project by Tearfund and CEDS in May 2019. I consequently received my first food portions in June followed by July and today in August marks the third time I am receiving food. I cannot express how much this project has helped my family and me. My family now eats well and my children have resumed going to school. I appreciate Tearfund and the donors who made this possible, and it is my prayer that you will support us more and also reach others who are in need like us.

Thank you for your generous support. Because of you, Garang and his family survived the summer months.

There continues to be ongoing need for many in South Sudan. If you wish to continue your impact, please donate by clicking the button below.