Footsteps 101 - Caring for Orphans 1

Footsteps 101 – Caring for Orphans

‘God sets the lonely in families’ (Psalm 68:6). This moving verse echoes throughout this edition of Footsteps. All through the Bible we see God’s special concern for the orphan, the widow and the foreigner – those who may well be alone and vulnerable. He longs for them to know the love and protection of a family. This message is as relevant as ever in today’s society. 

Research shows that the best place to raise children is in a caring and nurturing family environment. This edition features many inspiring individuals, organisations and churches who are working to provide loving families for orphaned and vulnerable children. In Zimbabwe, ZOE is helping churches support orphans in their communities (page 6). In Uganda, CRANE is providing careful support to reunite children with their families (page 17). M’lup Russey is transforming orphan care in Cambodia, as well as helping orphans make a good transition when they leave institutions (pages 10–11). In China, Care for Children is inspiring families to offer foster homes to children in need, including many with disabilities (page 24).

We hope this issue of Footsteps will inspire and encourage individuals and organisations caring for orphans.