Together we can end hunger forever.

When you’re hungry, it’s impossible to escape poverty.

Constantly worrying about where your child’s next meal will come from makes it impossible to plan for the future. A poor harvest means less income and no savings. It creates a ripple affect that touches every aspect of life

The “Hunger Gap”

In the countries we work in, it is common to hear about the “hunger gap” – a period of weeks or months when food is scarce before the next harvest. During this time a family is forced to take drastic measures to be able to survive until the next harvest. During this time, drastic measures may be taken. Rationing of food is the first step. Girls and women are often the first, as families give the men more to be able to work in the field. Soon, families begin selling essential items like bicycles and cooking equipment like pots and pans. Sometimes, if the harvest is particularly poor, men will travel to distant cities in an attempt to find intermediary work, leaving their wife and children vulnerable to theft and violence.

The reason for the hunger gap is insufficient food. Farmers are simply not able to grow the amount of food they need with the amount of land and resources they have.

Increasing the Yield

Through church partners, we teach farmers conservation agriculture (CA) techniques to help them grow more food for them and their families. Over the course of two years, farmers learn a set of soil management practices that minimizes the disruption of the soil’s structure, composition and natural biodiversity.

Conservation agriculture enables farmers to grow 200% to 400% more produce even during times of drought. This not only helps eliminate food shortages, it also provides farmers the ability to sell some food and save money for the future.

You Can Help

You can help teach farmers conservation agriculture techniques that will help eliminate the hunger gap. $237 provides 2-years of training and tools which will help farmers grow more food for themselves and their families. Moreover, they will be able to have some left over to sell – making the escape from poverty a reality.

Thank you for your gift. Your support help farmers grow more food to for themselves and their families! Thank you!