Equipped by the Spirit 1

Equipped by the Spirit

Dependent on agriculture for his livelihood, Paluku knew the struggles of farming on his degraded soil. Battling food insecurity and a lack of income due to low yields, he wished to increase his harvest and expand his farm to include livestock. Looking to better support his wife and 6 growing children, Paluku jumped into the local church’s conservation agriculture training and VSL group without hesitation. Little did he know that he would be equipped by the Holy Spirit to spread His mission of restoration in his community!

Equipped by the Spirit 2

His agriculture training along with his membership in the church VSL group allowed him to pay for his children’s school fees on time and expand his farm. He was so thrilled by the benefits and opportunities he accessed through the church’s programs, that he felt called to advocate for the VSL group in his community.

As an ambassador for VSLs, God equipped Pakulu to be a voice in his community as he teaches others the benefits of being a member. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Paluku has worked with his neighbours to start 6 VSL groups! As a testimony of the Lord’s goodness and provision in his own life, Paluku loves hearing success stories of his community members, and desires to see his community enabled to lift themselves out of poverty, like he had done through God’s faithfulness.

We believe that God equips those he calls! As He works for restoration, He invites us, and people like Paluku into His global mission. Thank you for your incredible support to these programs – you are partnering with the Holy Spirit in equipping leaders like Paluku to continue transforming the lives of their communities.