Emergency Alert - Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo 1

Emergency Alert – Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo

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On August 1st, the government of the DR Congo declared an outbreak of Ebola in the heartland of where Tearfund has worked for the last four years in the Beni Territory, North Kivu province with our local church partner, the Baptist Church of Central Africa (CBCA).

On August 6th, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed 36 deaths, 16 confirmed cases, and 27 probable cases, for a total of 43 total cases of Ebola. 

Tearfund Canada is appealing the Canadian Christian community for an immediate need of $25,000 to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Your gift would supply:

  1. Hygiene materials to equip 171 schools, 134 churches, and other public places
  2. Medicines and materials (gloves, masks) to equip 35 clinics and hospitals, so that they can react quickly to the emergency and care for as many people as possible
  3. Flyers and megaphones for over 1000 health advocates being trained to raise awareness on prevention and precaution to stop the spread of Ebola
Kevin Schular, Tearfund Canada’s Vice-Chair and Executive Director of the Baptist General Conference in Canada, said,
“Our Baptist partners in the Eastern DR Congo are in the perfect place to lead the prevention efforts in the region. They are already placed in every community in the area! They have the people on the ground, including trained medical staff. Personally, I have been among these brothers and sisters – they are fervent believers who have struggled through 60 years of civil conflict – and now Ebola. This is a great example of the Church in action – as Canadians we need to support them and pray…”


We ask you to take 3 steps of action:

  1. Please share this with your friends, family and church congregation
  2. Pray and raise the voice of the Canadian Church to God
  3. Give*   Online https://tearfund.ca/ebolaoutbreak/ or by cheque

*Note: If you are sending a cheque – please email the amount you are sending to asherk@tearfund.ca so that we can plan and respond immediately, and not have to wait on the mail.  


  1. Dear Lord, we pray that through the timely work of Tearfund and its partners, and through the generosity of Canadians, the Ebola disease will be stopped in its tracks.
  2. Pray that all those affected by Ebola, and their loving friends and family, will find hope and comfort through Tearfund’s response to this crisis.