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Welcome to Tearfund’s Expanded Church Partnership Program

Hello and welcome to Tearfund Ecclesia – our exclusive church partnership program. As one of our official church partners, you are connecting with local churches all over the world and empowering them to change the lives of the poor in their congregations, their towns and their countries!

We Won’t be Around Forever – But the Church Will!

The church is the only institution we know will last until Christ returns. It is God’s preferred method of fulfilling His restoration mission on Earth. It is also the largest social service agency in the world.

Across Africa and Asia, there are hundreds of thousands of churches and millions of congregants. They want to fulfil the mission that Christ has given them to preach the Good News to the poor. Not just in speech but in need. Helping the widows and orphans, feeding the poor, advocating for justice, and stewarding creation. Imagine if they were emboldened and empowered – these churches would change the world! They would lift millions of people out of poverty and shine God’s love to the world.

This is our grand vision, and we hope you’ll join us in making it happen. We work with churches here to empower churches there. By providing local churches with biblical training, cutting-edge sustainable agricultural techniques, savings groups and relief support – your church can unleash the power of thousands of churches across the world who are striving to live for Jesus.

Learn about Our Church Model

We Work With Churches Around the World To Empower And Equip Them To Change Their Communities and Lift People Out of Poverty.

Benefits of Being a Tearfund Ecclesia Family Member

1. Lifting People out of Spiritual, Economic, and Social Poverty

Your congregation has the opportunity to work with local churches around the world to help lift people out of spiritual, economic and social poverty. Whether it is engaging in one of our current projects or working with us to develop a project that is on your heart. Partnership can include anything from hosting a prayer night or fundraising event for a particular project, participating in a discovery trip, or simply committing a regular amount from your mission’s budget.

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2. Connection with Local Churches and Para-church Agencies

Do you feel God calling your church to help in a specific place or way we aren’t? Does your church need to connect with someone in a country or looking for information? Through our partners we can connect you with local churches, organizations or people who can help you follow Jesus’ call wherever that may be.

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3. Unrestricted Access to Tearfund Church Materials

Your church will gain exclusive and unrestricted access to materials specifically designed to strengthen and engage your church including sermon notes, devotionals, bible studies and theological resources.

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4. Preferred Dates for Speaking Engagements

Book a Tearfund speaker that fits your schedule. As a member, your church will have enhanced access to Tearfund speakers and won’t have to be placed on a long wait list.

Our skilled and experienced speakers can engage your congregation on a variety of issues such as loving our neighbours, helping the poor, faith and works and more.

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5. Pastoral Mentorship

Shepherding a flock is difficult. Along with the emotional and spiritual burdens, it can often be hard to know which direction to lead or provide answers to difficult questions. As a member we provide your church leadership with a listening ear and mentorship when needed.

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6. One Half-day Church Leadership Training Session

As a member you are provided one complementary half-day training session for your church staff on a wide range of topics. This can include (but is not limited to): local and global mission, national leadership, missionary leadership, relief and development, church planting and evangelism, impact measurement, Kingdom viewpoint, Christian environmental care, and changing trends in mission.

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7. Representation Within the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Through Tearfund, you will be represented in the CFGB, and be able to leverage your impact through its matching fund. We are able to provide your church with exclusive matches from the Government of Canada on many food-related relief and development projects. Many projects receive multipliers of 3x to 4x!

Tearfund Ecclesia 7

8. Ability to Respond Immediately to Disasters Around the World

As a family member, your church will be able to help people suffering from disaster anywhere in the world through our partnerships with various Christian relief networks including the CFGB, Integral Network, and Tearfund Global Family. If we ourselves don’t have a presence, we can find someone who does within days or even hours!

Tearfund Ecclesia 8

9. Updates on Emergencies

As a family member, your church will receive the most up-to-date information on major disasters throughout the world and how you can respond. If there is a particular crisis you would like to learn more about, just let us know and we can reach out to people on the field who are experiencing it first hand.

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10. Logo and Church Information Featured in Publications and Church Directory

As a family member you have the option of placing your church information on our church directory.

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Start the Discussion

How can we help you and your congregation love Jesus and love others? We are eager and excited to hear your thoughts and ideas and how we might be able to work together. To start the discussion, please feel free to contact one of our church representatives using the adjacent form.

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