Dancing upon Disappointment 1

Dancing upon Disappointment

Bursting into dance is not something you would think Fatu Kabiaa would do. After all, memories of the devastating Ebola outbreak which killed eight are still fresh within the small community of 42 families. One of the eight was her husband, who she loved dearly. 

But she continues to dance in spite of her sorrow.

She is thrilled by the visit of one of our local church partners who came to help them grow more food and help them with their poverty. 

“We are so far off the main road, that no one has ever come to help us. Not the Government. No other organizations” Fatu says. “We are all Muslims, so we were very surprised when we found out that Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) came to help us.”

Before AEL arrived at this village their primary source of income was growing and processing palm oil. “If too many people were selling it, the prices went down, and we all suffered,” Fatu recalls. The local church helped the community grow all kinds of new market crops. “Today, every family is engaged in market gardening. We eat some of them, and we sell the remainder. Now we can buy double the rice I ever bought before. I no longer have to beg my neighbours to ensure the school fees are paid for my children.” 

Dancing upon Disappointment 2

Not only have people improved their economic situation, the church also helped restore relationships within the community. Fatu explains, “Before our training, we gossiped a lot. We were jealous of each other. Now, everybody helps each other.” 

Through their service and support, AEL shared the love of Christ in a powerful way. In fact, we are excited to share that the community leader, Sheik Ghiblrar Kanu, asked if a church could be started in the community! 

Fatu may have lost her husband, but she rejoices when she thinks of the hope that has arrived.