Update from Cox's Bazar 1

Update from Cox’s Bazar

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The annual monsoon rains have begun in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh!

Currently, there are over 700,000 Rohingya refugees living in a makeshift city. Every person has fallen victim to violence, rape, and burning of their villages. Sadly, their suffering will not end there.

Torrential rain, flash flooding and cyclones are devastating the area where refugees have set up temporary shelters. Tearfund Canada, its multi-denominational partners and Bangladeshi Christians are working vigorously to provide safe drinking water, kitchen supplies and lighting in the camps.

Last week, Tearfund’s country representative Andrew visited the refugee camp, to see how three days of heavy rains have affected our work. Andrew found that erosion from the flooding has damaged recently installed latrines (outhouses). Several of the latrines have even collapsed. Flooding has washed away sand walls, and there is a great need for a drainage system. Right now, a team is working to dig channels, allowing water to flow out.

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Update from Cox's Bazar 2

A refugee child pumps water to drink, from a dirty basin.

Lack of adequate sanitation increases risk of disease and death. It strips people of their dignity and safety. Tearfund Canada and its partners are working hard to  do these things right now:

  1. Install safe drinking water and sanitation systems.  $195 is the cost for each Rohingya family to have access to a clean water source.
  2. Supply safe stoves and fuel to Rohingya families for cooking. With monsoon flooding, thousands of refugees will not be able to get to food distribution centers. $35 will provide a stove and fuel to ensure a family can safely cook food if they are flooded in.
  3. Install heavy duty outdoor solar lighting in camps. With violence and rape on the increase in camps, lighting is essential for the safety and dignity of girls especially at night. It costs $425 to install a heavy duty solar powered outdoor light in the refugee camp.

Please pray for the strength of our on-the-ground partners, who work tirelessly to protect hundreds of thousands of insecure people.  Join us in helping to save lives and reduce suffering. When you give today, you are providing comfort to those living in fear for their lives and safety today.

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