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Emergency Relief

COVID Crisis in India

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The COVID-19 numbers in India are beyond comprehension and the health care system is collapsing. 

The dead are beginning to accumulate – remains of people are lined up on the streets – often for hours – awaiting cremation. 

Our partner in India, the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on relief (EFICOR) is responding. Together, we have a 47-year history of working together to lift up some of the poorest people in the world. 

Despite illness and death among their own staff, and personal risk, EFICOR going in to protect some of the poorest and most vulnerable families in the country. 

But they need your help.

Bodies waiting to be cremated in India from COVID
Bodies waiting hours on sidewalks to be cremated.
A girl by an EFICOR sign displaying the COVID crisis response in India.
Millions of daily labourers are getting sick or losing their jobs. They are unable to work and eat. Through our church partner, EFICOR, you can help 12,000 families survive the pandemic.

You can help those left behind in the COVID Crisis

The most vulnerable – daily labourers, migrants, and their families. When the main breadwinner gets sick, they have nowhere to go. The public hospitals are collapsing, and private ones are out of reach. 

To make matters worse, with the lockdowns they are out of jobs. Living hand-to-mouth, they will starve without work. Their family in the village – who depend on them for income – will be left to suffer. 

This is where you come in. 

Along with EFICOR and its extensive church network, you can provide food and COVID prevention to 12,000 vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19 crisis in India.

EFICOR is well placed to lead. They are a trusted and respected partner committed to the local church. Their desire is, as Ramesh said is “to shine the love of Christ during this time.”