Help farmers living in extreme poverty overcome the challenges of COVID-19

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COVID-19 has disrupted food production and supply-chains around the world – making life even more difficult for those living in extreme poverty.

When transportation stops – starvation hits. 

Border closures and lock-downs are making it increasingly difficult for farmers to get their crops to markets in neighbouring towns and cities. They are being forced to watch their livelihoods rot away.

But you can help. By donating today, you will be coming alongside local partners and churches that will help farmers living in extreme poverty overcome these new challenges.

Your donation will:

  1. Open new transportation routes so farmers can get their products to market
  2. Train farmers in new storage techniques to prevent crop rot and spoilage
  3. Help farmers transition away from fast rotting vegetables to long lasting crops such as potatoes, garlic and ginger
  4. Establish more savings groups to provide farmers an alternative to predatory loan sharks.
COVID-19 - Donation 1

Your donation will train farmers in the use of PICS bags – a storage method that helps preserve crops months longer than traditional methods. These bags allow farmers to store their crops to sell at a later date and for a higher price.