COVID-19 Pandemic

Help prevent the spread of Coronavirus among the world’s most vulnerable.

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You’re striving to keep your family and other loved ones safe.

Can you help us protect people who have no one else?

With poor health, sanitation, and social systems, health experts are terrified of a possible Coronavirus outbreak in Africa.

 With your help, we can fight the spread of the virus and save many lives. 

To accomplish this, we have a goal of raising $100,000

This amount will offer protection and education to 200,000 of the world’s most at risk families. 

Your donation will help us provide soap, hand sanitizer, bleach, educational materials, and gloves. Simple tools that in their hands will save lives.

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Our church partners and Christian agencies in 8 countries are ready to fight the spread of the virus to protect families and communities.

Please join them as they follow Christ to where the need is greatest.